Required Auto Insurance in Idaho

Every vehicle in Idaho has to be covered by an auto insurance policy. This protects you financially and others on the road who might get into an accident with you. There are several auto coverages, two of which are required in Idaho. If you don’t have auto insurance or want to change to a different insurance company, call us at The Insurance Shop USA in Sandpoint, ID.

Liability Insurance

You need liability coverage in Idaho to meet the state’s insurance requirements. You are required to have two amounts for bodily injury liability. These amounts include one amount of coverage for one person who is injured and needs medical care. The other amount is for all of the people who are injured in the accident and need medical care. There is also an amount required for property damage liability. This pays for the damage to another person’s vehicle, structure, etc., damaged in an accident. These amounts, when compared to other states, are on the low side. It’s often recommended that Idaho drivers get more coverage than the minimum amount required by the state. 

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

This type of coverage is required to be a part of your apt insurance unless you reject it in writing. It’s wise to have this coverage, so it’s generally recommended that you keep it. If an uninsured or underinsured motorist causes an accident with you, you need to have this coverage to pay for the damages. Without this coverage, there may be no one to pay for the accident, leaving you financially vulnerable.

Get Auto Coverage in Idaho

When you need auto insurance for your vehicle, you can contact us today at The Insurance Shop USA in Sandpoint, ID.