Farm Liability Insurance: The Basics

The farms around Sandpoint, ID provide the world with potatoes, wheat, onions, corn, and a variety of other nourishing crops. These are often small family operations, driven by the love of the soil and tradition. When times get hard, however, who can these farmers turn to for help?

What is Farm Liability Insurance?

Farm liability policies are designed to protect farmers from financial loss. It covers your land, fields, and produce. Buildings, equipment, and other structures on the property may not be included in these policies. The experts at the Insurance Shop USA can tell you more about the coverages you need to fully protect your livelihood.

The purpose of a farm liability policy is to protect farmers from financial loss that results from accidents on their property. If a farmer is found liable for physical injury or property loss suffered by a visitor, this policy helps cover their costs.

Why You Need Farm Liability Insurance

The natural resources that growers depend on are shared by everyone in the area. If runoff from your farm pollutes local water sources or animal waste creates fumes that compromise your neighbors’ ability to use their own land in some way, you could be found liable for their loss or damage. Other policies may not cover the full costs of court-ordered restitution.

If you operate a farm that uses experimental methods, unconventional fertilizers, or your crops are just different from what is grown on adjacent lands, you need a farm liability policy to protect your investment. Teaching farms and other operations that allow visitors also benefit from the extra protection. If someone is injured or gets sick from contact with something on your land, the farm liability coverage will pay for their medical coverage and any other court-ordered costs.

The Insurance Shop USA helps farm owners in the Sandpoint, ID area keep their lands safe from all types of threats and potential problems. Contact our representatives to learn more about farm liability insurance.