Condo Insurance Vs. Homeowners’ Assurance

You may think that your membership with the homeowner’s association is enough to keep you from financial ruin when things go awry. The reality, however, is that the homeowner’s association is only interested in protecting the property grounds. You are completely on your own when it comes to guarding things inside of your condo in Sandpoint, ID. The Insurance Shop USA can help you find the condo insurance plan that works for your budget and overall lifestyle. 

Condo insurance vs. homeowners’ assurance: Similarities

Condo insurance closely resembles that of traditional homeowners’ assurance. Both homeowners and condo policy types pay for tragedies related to theft and common wear and tear. Condo and homeowners’ indemnity plans work to ensure that you receive full recompense for items lost so that you do not have to start from scratch when replacing such goods. 

Condo insurance vs. homeowners’ assurance: Is there really a difference?

In actuality, there is not much difference between having insurance for a single-family home in Sandpoint ID and with acquiring an assurance plan that guarantees your residence in a communal building. The only real difference between homeowners’ and condo insurance is perception. Some people believe it unnecessary to have condo assurance all while paying dues to the homeowners’ association. Such persons are under the false perception that their membership dues are enough to cover every potential loss.

The truth, however, is that the amount you pay in membership fees only covers the grounds. A house guest who injures herself while using your restroom would need to rely on your financial standing to pay her medical bills. She would not go to the homeowners’ association for assistance. The possibility of a lawsuit grows when your policy limits are not enough to pay for all expenses in an at-fault accident. Imagine how much more susceptible you are to a significant financial loss when you are completely uninsured. 

The Insurance Shop USA can help

There is a reason why many lenders require you to have condo insurance. Contact us today to find the policy that is right for your lifestyle!