What You Might Not Know About Farm Insurance

No matter the size of your farm in Sandpoint, ID, you want to ensure you are adequately protected against anything that can happen. Farmers insurance protects farmers from financial loss associated with covered perils, accidents, and other insurance-covered incidents. Understanding what farmers’ insurance covers is critical to help you purchase the best policy for your farm’s needs. Contact the experts at The Insurance Shop USA for help answering your questions about farmers’ insurance. 

To help you understand more about farmers’ insurance coverage, here are some things you may not have known about these insurance policies. 

Farm Insurance Coverage is Not Standard

When it comes to purchasing farm insurance, you must understand that not all policies are the same. Every farm has different needs based on farming operations. Because requirements vary by farm, it is essential to purchase a customized policy built for your farm’s needs. 

Livestock May Require Special Insurance Coverage

Livestock insurance works similar to crop insurance and is partially funded by the United States Department of Agriculture. The type of livestock insurance your purchase depends upon the animals you raise and have on your farm. Some animal insurance coverage options available include: 

  • Individual coverage: This policy covers animals individually and is a good option when owning higher-priced animals. 
  • Blanket coverage: This policy covers all your farm equipment, animals included, under one general policy. 

Most farmers include their livestock under a blanket coverage policy; however, you must decide which option is best for your livestock. 

Farm Owner’s Insurance Policy

If you farm full-time for profit in Sandpoint, ID, you need to purchase a farm owner’s insurance policy to protect your livelihood. Call The Insurance Shop USA today to discuss options, including farm owner’s insurance, to create a customized insurance policy for your needs.