Know the difference between cash value and cost to replace

When buying insurance on your home, it is important to understand the terminology, and what is meant by various coverage. Usually people have the belongings insured as well, which insurance on the contents. Insuring the contents of your home may be part of, or could be separate from, the policy on the home itself. The kind of insurance you choose can affect the price you pay for your policy. Idaho has one of the lowest average prices for homeowners insurance in the nation.

That’s good news for customers in and around Sandypont, ID., and the Insurance Shop USA is here to help make sure you have the best homeowners policy for your situation.

When you get a policy, that includes insurance on your contents, you will have to decide between "cost to replace"  and "actual value" for coverage.  Basically replacement cost is what it would cost today to replace the item that was destroyed or stolen, without regard to its condition. Cash value would be the cost to replace, minus depreciation, which is the decline in value due to age or use.

Often it works like this.  Say you have a sofa damaged by a fire. If you paid $1,000 for the sofa five years ago, and the same sofa costs $1500 today, you would get a check for $1,500 if you had cost to replace coverage.  Some insurance companies pay the actual value at the time, and pay you the difference when you give them the receipt for the purchase.  If you had cash value insurance, and that $1,000 sofa from five years ago is worth $600 now, you would get a check for $600. A cost to replace policy costs more, so that might enter into deciding which one to get.

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