Does wedding insurance cover my honeymoon?

If you’re getting married, it’s vital to protect your special day with a wedding insurance policy in Sandpoint, ID. But what about your honeymoon? Does wedding insurance cover that too?

What is Wedding Insurance? 

Wedding insurance is a type of event policy that helps protect you financially in any unexpected mishaps related to your big day. Most policies cover expenses related to postponements or cancelations, such as deposits, fees, and other costs associated with changing your plans at the last minute. Some policies also provide coverage if a vendor fails to deliver on their promise like if a caterer doesn’t show up on the day of the wedding or the photographer loses all of your photos. 

Does Wedding Insurance Cover Honeymoons? 

Unfortunately, most wedding insurance policies do not cover honeymoons. That said, some special policies available provide coverage for trips taken within 30 days after the ceremony. These policies typically include coverage for trip cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or injury, natural disasters, and terrorism-related events. Keep in mind that these extra features come with an additional premium cost.    

Do I Need Wedding Insurance? 

Wedding insurance can be a great way to protect yourself from any unexpected costs related to your big day—but it’s not an absolute necessity. Suppose you have already made significant deposits for vendors and venues. In that case, buying wedding insurance could be an intelligent investment to recoup those costs if something goes wrong closer to the date of your nuptials.  

Most Sandpoint, ID wedding insurance policies do not cover honeymoons; however, special policies can offer this added protection if needed! Contact The Insurance Shop USA today, and we can help you get the right coverage for your wedding and honeymoon.