Additional Wedding Insurance Coverage Options

Couples tying the knot can purchase insurance policies to help protect them against damage incurred by wedding-related issues. On top of basic wedding insurance, couples can buy supplemental coverage to defend against specific wedding-related damages. Engaged couples should speak with their insurance agent to discuss wedding insurance coverage options available in Sandpoint, ID. Or, give our agents a call at The Insurance Shop USA to discuss wedding insurance coverage in more detail.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover? 

Before determining what additional insurance coverage options you need, you must first know what is already included in your basic wedding insurance policy. Most wedding insurance policies include coverage of problems with the venue, vendors, weather issues, and injury. However, wedding insurance does not cover a change of heart and generally has limitations regarding what it specifically covers. 

What Are Additional Wedding Insurance Coverage Options? 

Additional wedding insurance coverage options include: 

  • Photography: Some policies cover costs if the photographer does not show up, the original prints are lost, damaged, stolen, or poorly printed. Some policies pay for the retaking of photos, including all the details to stage the new photos. 
  • Videographer: When the video produced by a professional videographer is damaged or poorly produced, the insurance policy may cover staging the wedding to re-produce a new video. 
  • Gifts: Insurance policies cover non-monetary gifts that are damaged or stolen. A police report is required for stolen gifts, and proof of damage is needed. There is a set time limit on filing a claim for gift insurance. 
  • Attire: Insurance coverage includes paying for repairing or replacing a wedding gown and other wedding-day attire. 
  • Personal Liability: Covers bodily injury or property damage caused during the wedding. 
  • Medical Coverage: Pays for medical expenses for those who become injured during the wedding. 
  • Honeymoon: Similar to travel insurance, this policy covers anything that could happen during the honeymoon, such as delay of trip, cancellation, and lost luggage. 

You have enough to worry about preparing for your Sandpoint, ID wedding. Let our agents at The Insurance Shop USA help you alleviate the worry and find you the best wedding insurance policy for your special day.